by watforderic
created Sep 18, 2012
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map notes
Avoid the water! it's too watery...
edited Sep 18, 2012


said Sep 18, 2012
...interesting.  This is a weird level, but in a good way!

Pro tip:  Place the checkpoint flag slightly below ground so that you respawn on the ground rather than slightly in the air.
said Sep 18, 2012
Really liked the floating logs. Overall I feel like the map could use some polish, the terrain was very uneven at some parts breaking the flow a lil bit.
C. Cleveland
said Sep 24, 2012
i agree. and use more waterfall emitters to make that water seem more like water. nahmean
said Sep 19, 2012
I quite liked this! There's some cool ideas in here, and the logs give it a sort of Ghost Parapets vibe. Particularly at the cave bit I felt that the terrain was a little wonky and didn't allow for much flow, and that sometimes it's a little unclear what's background and foreground, though.
said Sep 19, 2012
A couple of points I want to make:
Place the deathzones for the water slightly lower, I died a couple of times while my visual hitbox was above the water.
Make it more clear which way I am supposed to go, especially at the waterfall part, the arrow you put far to the right was hardly noticable.
Be consistant throughout the map, for example the water below the final mob to clean doesn't kill you.
I like the concept, I'm sure this would be a great map if you go back to it and polish it up :)
said Sep 19, 2012
Cheers i appreciate the comments, but i have to be honest it was a piss poor map lol. I was so focused on creating the water landscape that i put less effort into the backround/foreground (least i hope so). Oh yeah and congrats on finishing the Yotta difficulty Marksel.
RaNdOm VoDkA
said Sep 22, 2012
Great level man. I enjoyed it.

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