by watforderic
created Sep 15, 2012
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map notes
Just a quick level i decided to make, map is quite small and the diffculty of the level easy. Nowhere near as good as existing maps like Peak, virtual reality, Cookie cutter etc. But im just happy to make contribution to this great game.


said Sep 15, 2012
Thanks for the compliment dude! Either way, this was perfectly fine - just be sure it's a little clearer where things are foreground and when they're background; sometimes you can go through the darker blocks in this and sometimes you can't.
said Sep 15, 2012
The map lagged for me in certain parts. Other than that, nice level.
said Sep 15, 2012
Thanks, i've always been more of a player than a creator But surprisingly i had a lot of fun making this! Yeah somehow i didn't notice the variations of blocks you can and cant go through haha; Thanks for that tinker. And about the lag i probably done something stupid in the editor to cause this.
said Sep 15, 2012
Welcome to community; you'd better stick around and make more maps!  I really like the style of this level.  The dark triangles clinging to the platforms gave it a unique and consistent theme.  And also I couldn't help but picture them as mustaches, thanks to the name of this level.  My one recommendation, though, is to play around with the camera tool!  It's really not hard once you get past the initial learning curve, but the effect can be well worth the effort.

About the lag, I didn't experience any and I couldn't find anything in the editor that seemed strange, so I wouldn't worry about it :)
edited Sep 16, 2012
said Sep 16, 2012
Thanks dude
said Sep 17, 2012
I can't wait to play this one. I can already tell that I'm going to love it.
said Sep 17, 2012
Beat it. Love the style of the level. I'm 17 on the leaderboards.

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