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created Feb 3, 2018
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map notes
Somehow this map ended up being a lot longer than I expected. The dustblock arrows are designed to be light attacked in the direction they are facing, but you can get away with shenanigans if you are creative.

Dustman and Dustworth will have a good time. Dustkid is awkward, but do-able. Dustgirl... well... hopefully JM can SS it at least :)

A huge thanks to C for helping me out with the visual design last minute. I owe this man many beers at this point.

Also, Thanks to Indapop for playtesting, dealing with my late submission (as usual), and listening to my ramblings.

Thanks to those who made suggestions in twitch chat, I'm sorry if I forget names!

Finally, thanks to Linley and Skyhawk for making "cameos".
edited Feb 3, 2018

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said Feb 4, 2018
dustman is awkward af on this map

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