In the walls

by AvengedRuler
created Jan 13, 2018
300 views | 2420 downloads

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map notes
You are a janitor tasked with cleaning the inside of the walls of a house which has had leaves and some forest creatures get into them over the past year, you don't know how but you don't ask.  After you finish your job there is an entire house to explore, these people apparently keep their apples laying around everywhere as well.

If you don't understand the gimmick you slide up the wall until you stop going up then press jump or dash while holding up and the direction of the wall, for right sided walls you have to dash for left you can use either (all but one wall is left).

 For checkpoint 2 as kid you can either spam jump or wait until you start falling then hit jump to wall ride and just jump the spikes.

Special thanks to indapop for all the help on cameras and play testing (if you want to know how much he helped look at the cameras on this map), and to timmy for testing one small thing.


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