Gargoyle hold

by Linley
created Nov 23, 2017
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medium castle

map notes
I made this yesterday

i know i probably make too many maps... for me, its not that hard to make things like this.  PLUS its something i do inbetween things.  \o/

This map might be easy to SS... but it should be hard to go fast.  My best time is 38ish.  BEAT IT


said Nov 23, 2017
Good map, also you dont make too many maps i just wished there were more maps that werent using the virtual assets
said Nov 25, 2017
One-tile slopeboosts, alcove/ferrofluid loop spam, random awkward geometry, slopeboost into spikes... Oof, yeah of course it's hard to go fast! Pretty cool level otherwise. It was fun thinking of ways to get rid of those dustblocks.
said Nov 26, 2017
I love this type of map! 5/5
said Nov 27, 2017
Spent more time than I care to admit on this map. Didn't like it at first but then when I found strats that worked... Oh baby
said Nov 27, 2017
I enjoyed watching you guys run this.  For the most part you did things a little bit differently than i intended which is not a bad thing

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