Spike Jump

by Paulix
created Aug 19, 2012
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map notes
To perform a spike jumping, hold down, then press jump button at exact frame that you hit the spikes.
edited Aug 20, 2012


said Aug 19, 2012
I've never spiked jumped before. This was a lot easier than I thought.
said Aug 20, 2012
Sub 14!  =P
C. Cleveland
said Aug 20, 2012
hahah. dude. howd you do it so fast
said Aug 20, 2012
Yeah, funny and easy a bit :)
said Aug 20, 2012
Oh wow it really is easy.
said Aug 20, 2012
I suppose I should mention that it's even easier than the map notes suggest.
As long as you are out of double jumps, you only have to hold down and press+hold the jump key at any time before you hit any 45 degree surface and you will jump off it instantly.
This lets you jump on spikes, helps with jumping off regular ground instantly, and messes you up on Peta Difficult when it allows you to jump away from the blocks you want to clear without actually clearing them. =)
C. Cleveland
said Aug 20, 2012
yeah i noticed early on when i got the game that you can jump off any angle surfaced, sharper than 45 degrees, and not collect the dust on it. THIS GAME IS AWESOMEZRZ)RZJRZOHDFLOSD
said Dec 28, 2012
Awesome, thank you!  I never thought it'd be so easy!
said Jul 31, 2013
Yeah thx.  Good little tutorial level.  You can buffer the jump button before you land though... don't have to press it right on the spikes :)

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