Ruined Tower

by czulki
created Aug 18, 2012
454 views | 781 downloads

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map notes
This a re-upload to my main account.
The original map was published on a alt account because of some technical difficulties.

Unfortunately there are no times from the runs people did at the competition on this version. [anyone who downloaded the first map can still view the old runs].

Sorry for the trouble.

Map made for the second race competition.
retagged Jun 8, 2014


said Aug 20, 2012
Super Administrator
I love this map :)
said Aug 20, 2012
I like it more now that I'm not using Dustkid. I guess the slope at the beginning there that's not Purply-compatible lessened my enjoyment of it during the race.
Also, I think I'll leave my 36.348 replay up for now. The improvised emergency solution at the end amuses me. =P
said Aug 20, 2012
Its true that the SS run was originally designed for Dustman and Dustgirl. However when testing the level I found out that dustkid did a great job at any% runs so I adjusted some parts of the map to make her along with dustworth the best choice for speed runs. This way I didn't feel like she was left out :)

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