Midnight Run

by Phyrephox
created Aug 15, 2012
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map notes
My first map!  It's not too difficult, I just had fun making it.  It has a good flow to it, and there aren't any rage-inducing segments.
retagged Aug 15, 2012


said Aug 15, 2012
Biggest feedback I would give: this map is faaaaaaaaaaaaar too long. cut off about 2 minutes of the map and it would have been a good length.
C. Cleveland
said Aug 15, 2012
far too long. bad checkpoint placements. id seperate each area into its own map.
said Aug 15, 2012
There's a lot of little things; before I start peppering you with criticisms, let me say that it is fun, especially for a first map.  But yeah:
*It's very long, and a lot of that is just direct running/falling.
*You "clump" your dust a lot, leaving long periods between dust and putting too much dust on some surfaces, making it a pain to quickly clean.
*In particular, the hallway with two paths full of dust.  Ewww.
*Major background/foreground visual distinction problems, especially on the scaffolding, in the lab, and in the final cave.
*What's the bear doing there at 1 minute?  He can't reach you.  You can just stand there and pound him, which isn't exactly fun.
*A few too many area attacks intended.  It's not particularly exciting to do several in a row.  It's more interesting to have enemies consistently scattered through the level (like Grass Cave) if you want a combat-heavy map.  Two wolves isn't really more dangerous than one wolf, given the stakes in DF, especially if you're just going to area attack them anyway.
Hope this helps (instead of discouraging you); we could use more mapmakers.  :-)
C. Cleveland
said Aug 15, 2012
shit. yeah i agree. i didnt mean my criticisms to discourage you. just keep em in mind next time you map. honestly if these map was 4 seperate maps, id like em a lot more
said Aug 15, 2012
Well, it was a first map, so I didn't expect glowing reviews.  I'll take these points into consideration for my next projects.  Hopefully they'll be better!
said Aug 16, 2012
Thats very nice, it's like evening seaside :)
said Aug 16, 2012
Nice map, bit long and some areas could use some killboxes. Some areas could use different tile variations to distinguish the foreground and background.
said Aug 17, 2012
Gotta agree with the killboxes. There are some spots where you can fall trough the map.
said May 16, 2013
Awesome map I had alot of fun on it I don't know what these people are on about Long maps are great
said Apr 25, 2014
I really enjoyed running this level. But Varsis's criticisms are on point.
A challenge for people: http://i.imgur.com/iMhZhKx.png
reaching there as Dustgirl was tricky.

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