by Gusmaister
created Aug 10, 2017
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map notes
A journey through the different environments.


said Aug 10, 2017
Love this map! I'm a big fan of longer maps, and there aren't nearly enough of them because of how much work it takes. Having all environments in the same map is really tough too, and I think this map pulls it off pretty well, especially for a first map! Has good camera work where it needs it, and frequent checkpoints, which is better than a lot of first maps. finally, the visuals look pretty good, especially forest and lab. Can definitely see the inspiration from some of the stock levels. and it has secrets! love secrets.

As for criticisms, At the very end of the last slope I think it would have been nice if there were a ramp. going through the map for the first time, It's hard to react to the end of the slope fast enough to jump. Second, the city section seems really empty visually compared to the rest of the map, seems like maybe you ran out of time.

One other thing about fog triggers I like to tell everybody, even though I think they work alright here, is that you can actually borrow them from other maps! Personally I'm a fan of this because I find making good fog triggers is really hard to learn. (but if you end up borrowing from other custom maps, be sure to give credit!) Anyway, if you put a level file in Dustforce>user>level_src, you can open it in the editor and look at one of its fog triggers. if you then go to a different map and make a new fog trigger, it will copy the last one you selected!

Great map, hope to see more!
said Aug 11, 2017
Wow, thank you for your great feedback! Definitely agree with your points. One thing I tried to liven up the city section with was backdrop buildings in the first layers but I didn't find a good way to make them not be seen from the other sections.

I must say that it's addictive to watch replays of my own level. Seeing shortcuts I never
thought of while making it is so much fun. Also, thanks for the tip on fog triggers!

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