Pyramid Tomb

by Linley
created May 31, 2017
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map notes
Even though I have tested this personally and had others test it, there still managed to be dust oob.  Had to reupload*

I suggest having dustmod installed so you can see the sublayers as they're intended.  The colors change through out the map, I don't think it's rapid enough to warrant a warning but just letting you know!

Made this map over a few days.  Hopefully it's enjoyable if you like longer hard maps.  Initially I started this when I was talking to Angrevol about making a harder / puzzle map.  Uhm well have fun!

Thanks in no particular order:
C for showing me how to do tile art and doing the shadows.  Inda for the cameras and gameplay testing.  Angrevol for gameplay testing.  Timmay for the gameplay testing and video.  Sky also played it and offered some critique.


said Jun 1, 2017
My oh my.  What a level.  Very cool looking, and fun to figure out.  I'll probably clean up my replay a bit now that I actually figured out some strats for the later part of the level... haha 30 minute replays...

I like how everything feels difficult, but without forcing exact mechanics.  I think using the large prisms helps add this layer of options.

There is this one part that I supered... not actually sure how to do it without a Heavy Downdash, which is something I should probably learn.  Dustworth doesn't drop quite so fast = )
edited Jun 1, 2017
said Jun 1, 2017
I feel like Morelia might have some sick insight on this map
said Jun 2, 2017
I feel like I replied to this before.
said Jun 2, 2017
yeah this map got re-uploaded after fixing something :)
said Jun 3, 2017
very nice

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