by Skyhawk
created May 21, 2017
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map notes
This maze took about a minute to generate with MazeMaker!
This showcases how wall and path sizes can be changed, as well as how large of a maze can be generated!

The end is in the top center. How on earth am I supposed to get there?!?!

DustMaker is cool! Python is weird.

In an attempt to get comfortable with DustMaker and Python, I tried making a script that can generate maps from nothing!
I decided on mazes because they're mildly interesting while still being not too hard to generate with a script.
For all three of these maps, everything was entirely generated with scripts! The only time I entered the editor was to re-name them and add a picture, so I'm just as confused as you on where to go!

Sorry if these spam Atlas a bit. I wanted to make enough to show how flexible the generator is.
Theoretically using this I could make infinitely many maps, but I think 3 is already more than enough.

To see how this was made, check out the code! (don't actually though it's a mess)
edited May 25, 2021


said May 21, 2017
This is actually pretty cool
Shin Rekkoha
said May 21, 2017
3 is more than enough, you're right.

Good use of Technology all the same though.  The map is unfortunately, not exactly fun.
said May 22, 2017
Super Administrator
I enjoyed that.
said May 23, 2017
that apple ss

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