by Skyhawk
created May 21, 2017
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map notes
This maze actually has different any% and SS routes! This showcases how Mazes can still be modified with all the tools available in DustMaker, all still within the script!

The end is in the bottom right.

Edit: apparently dust can spread in seams!!! sorry about that!

DustMaker is cool! Python is weird.

In an attempt to get comfortable with DustMaker and Python, I tried making a script that can generate maps from nothing!
I decided on mazes because they're mildly interesting while still being not too hard to generate with a script.
For all three of these maps, everything was entirely generated with scripts! The only time I entered the editor was to re-name them and add a picture, so I'm just as confused as you on where to go!

Sorry if these spam Atlas a bit. I wanted to make enough to show how flexible the generator is.
Theoretically using this I could make infinitely many maps, but I think 3 is already more than enough.

To see how this was made, check out the code! (don't actually though it's a mess)
edited May 25, 2021


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