Venom Road

by IsaVulpes
created May 21, 2017
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map notes
Shoutouts to Timmy for asking me to make a map

Someone teach me how to art?? Please??
Any other feedback of course also welcome, etc
Tried to make a nontrivial map for once, don't know to what extend I succeeded.

I only tested this with Girl, so it might be awkward with Worth/Kid.. Good Luck!

Thanks to Angrevol, indapop & Shin for invaluable help!

E: I didn't put Music/Ambience Triggers because I always play with both of those turned off and forgot they are a thing :<
edited May 22, 2017


said May 21, 2017
this is really hard. I love the background!
Shin Rekkoha
said May 21, 2017
I'm glad you finished it: great job.

I'm not going to SS it... ever.
said May 21, 2017
I'll get back to this, its hard
said May 25, 2017
Shoutouts to Isa for making said map! Definitely get a venomous feeling from the color choices and I appreciate the difficulty. Although I typically hate having to plan out a bunch of heavies to kill a bear over spikes. Also screw that Zetta slope =P
edited May 26, 2017
said May 29, 2017
I admit defeat. I didn't know where to even go at the start.

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