Bits For Ibums

by jdude0822
created May 1, 2017
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map notes
3rd time is the charm... Short and pretty easy map.  Kind of jank to me.


Shin Rekkoha
said May 2, 2017
I'm tired, but I downloaded and played this map because the thumbnail is awesome.  This is the most promising looking virtual map on Atlas in days.  It's a definite improvement too.  Not bad but I have two main concerns that will hopefully seem constructive.

The art behind layer 19 seems placed entirely at random, which unfortunately impedes the visibility of some things like the dustblocks.  It generally doesn't hurt the map, but sometimes solid tiles look like dustblocks and sometimes ground dust is harder to see than other times because of the wild inconsistency.  Instead of the art highlighting where gameplay elements are, it detracts from them.

The other thing is the camera: it still needs some tweaking.  I didn't open it in the editor yet, but in the first real climb it seems like there's an interest node trying to pull the path up and forward: good.  But the handles don't go far enough to the left or the previous node is too close, so it wiggles back and forth as you jump and doesn't even really help: bad.  The camera is super duper ultra clunky and janky jerky in other places as well.  I would practice with the cameras more or let someone else give the map a test and ask them about the cameras.
edited May 2, 2017
said May 9, 2017
Talked about it on my stream, and I think you were there, but I really liked it. Would have been cool to see some parallaxing with the background virtual tiles. Otherwise everything that shin said is solid.

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