Eclipse Castle

by ArcaneGunner
created Apr 28, 2017
255 views | 1011 downloads

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map notes
Another old map that I have re-released with my newer account. Hope you enjoy!


said Apr 28, 2017
I liked it but I felt lost my first play through.  Gotta practice with the cameras :p
said May 2, 2017
This really could have benefited with cameras, especially with the blind drops and slopes. I would also avoid covering corners with dust as it gives the player less leniency and removes the flow in some sections, though that could just be a stylistic preference on my part.

The visuals are nice, but it seems a little too dark in some areas. I ended up doing a double take in some of the indoor sections because the knights almost camouflaged in with the background.

Otherwise, not a bad map. Keep it up :)
said May 9, 2017
Shouldn't have to wait around for doors to be open after hitting the key. Confusing where to go at parts - needs camera work. Knights and enemies are camouflaged in background and also completely disrupt the flow. IE: Knight in background right after a big slope.

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