Predestined Fate

by Shin Rekkoha
created Apr 23, 2017
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map notes
You must let go of the illusion of control...

     You live your life the best you can, but there are some things that aren't for you to decide.  No one can escape their fate.  You may not know your destiny yet, but we know ours: it's to make lava maps.  Why run from lava, when you can embrace it?  You're as much a prisoner of this fate as we are.  Sadly, not even the lava could escape corruption.  Guess that means we're cursed with something new... something worse... dark lava.

...We wish our fate included getting noticed by senpai...

Recommended Music:
retagged May 7, 2017


said Apr 23, 2017
said Apr 23, 2017
This was fun to grind with the recommended song. I like how balanced the map is when you start from either side.
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 23, 2017
Thanks.  We put a lot of time into trying to balance out everything and preventing any one route from getting 100 dust too quickly.
edited Apr 24, 2017
said Apr 27, 2017
I agree with Bbop; I liked the song you added.

The background felt really expansive and mysterious. The glow effect and particles of the lava are really cool. However, I just can't make that be lava in my mind. It really just looks like grape soda or something. I think the secret fog trigger makes the "lava" look much more awesome as well.

Was really satisfying having the bears fall into the lava, but the rest is an arena map, which isn't really my thing.
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 28, 2017
I literally have nobody who likes arena maps to actually talk about the routing and placement with, everyone dislikes em...

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