Cotton candy

by Marfinator
created Jul 22, 2012
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map notes
My second attempt at publishing this map. The first version of this was a little to hard to S rank consistently, so I changed up a part towards the end. I also had to alter the end a little bit, if you didn't use your super move in the right spot you would be stuck in and un-winable state.

For this map I tried to make something pink and fluffy while still being hard. I didn't decorate it too well, but I don't think that matters too much. I tried to guide the player where to go with the green strip in the background, since it may be confusing or what you need to do.

I've tested this level with both dustman and dustgirl. I designed it around dustman, so it should be the easiest with him. It is beatable with dustgirl as well. As for dustkid and dustworth, I cannot beat the level with them, but I'm terrible at using both characters. If someone wants to give it a go as either of those two, go right ahead.
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said Jul 22, 2012
Super Administrator
geeze this level is hard! It's really fun though. I only made it past the smiley face (the second time), and gave up after around 40 minutes :(
said Jul 23, 2012
I really wasn't aiming for a hard map. I was trying for a nice balancing act between the spikes while staying afloat via prisms. I wanted the map to get harder as it went on, however I think I may have made it too hard since the check points are so sparse.
said Jul 22, 2012
While I like difficulty, the segments are just too long in my opinion.
said Jul 23, 2012
I intended the segments to be long. My goal was for the player to have a super move by the end of each one. I can see how having them be too long can be a bad thing though.
said Jul 23, 2012
You can very easily shorten the length of segments while still having 100 dust by the end of every segment by using more of the dust platforms that you would fall through.
The map is great though, I do really enjoy it, I just think too many people will become demotivated by the last segment and never finish it, which is a shame.
said Jul 22, 2012
Such a fun map. Totally going to spend an hour or 2 trying to SS it.
said Jul 22, 2012
Cool map although sometimes I got confused by the colors.
said Jul 23, 2012
Woo! This is a hard map, but at least I'm comforted by the delicate sugary goodness of cotton candy :)
said Jul 24, 2012
finally got the SS lol, took me long enough.
well at least I got the number one time =D
said Jul 25, 2012
Dustworth defeats the evil version of the map..!
That only took several hours more than it should have... =p
said Jul 27, 2012
I didn't think it was possible as Dustworth. I watched your run before the SS where the final prism behind the clouds messed it up. I probably should've just put that prism out in the open instead of hiding it. I only have it there for any% runs, but I wanted to make it a little hidden. I really hope that it wouldn't screw up someone's SS rank run, but I guess that wasn't the case.

P.S. - You can actually drop down trough the clouds in case you missed that prism.

P.S.S - I'm sorry.
edited Aug 2, 2012
said Aug 2, 2012
Hah, yes. That run was a bit sad.
I did know the prism was there, I was just so excited about making it to the end that I activated the super too early. =p
said Jul 28, 2012
100 minutes in and I'm starting to think it might not be possible with dustkid.

ok definitely break time now
I was kinda hoping to have "S D 100:41.518" on the rankings
said Aug 2, 2012
I just tried it, and Dustkid can SS the level just fine. =)
said Aug 1, 2012
Managed it after a second session.  Dear Atlas community:  if it's comparable to a "Difficult" map, you shouldn't be tagging it "easy", "medium", "tricky", or any difficulty-related tag other than "hard".

That said, I think this is a notch below that level of difficulty, and a lot more fun... but seriously, two more checkpoints.  It's artificial difficulty; it doesn't noticeably change the challenge of SSing the map, but makes it exponentially more time consuming to practice the hard sections.
said Aug 7, 2012
Really enjoyed this level, good difficulty + nice color scheme/variety.  I finally SS'd it today after several S/A's.  I did have my first SS run ruined by that hidden prism though since I used my super before falling all the way down.  Would definitely have been nice if it wasn't a goal prism, so I could have gotten an A/S atleast, but its impossible to hit from inside without it :/.
said Oct 29, 2012
I finally SS'd it :D
said Dec 23, 2012
I can't believe I haven't played this before now. Super fun map, though pretty frustrating.

...Make a harder one :D
said Jan 8, 2013
SS'd after 3 deaths on the final drop!! (rage)

Really well designed map! Very fair difficulty, beautiful colour scheme the only real flaw is the lack of checkpoints, although this can be solved by simply practicing in the map editor (which I didn't actually do because I'm stubborn xD). Very good job overall, please keep making maps similar to this, I look forward to grinding them. xD
said Mar 23, 2013
Phew! Finally got sub 1. Love this map!
said Aug 18, 2014
I have never raged at cotton candy before.  10/10, awesome level.

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