by voxanimus
created Apr 9, 2017
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map notes
in order to get an SS on this map, you need to spread dust and then go and clean it up.

heavy the light prisms towards the red spiky areas.

thanks to Leap and glyme for playtesting!

there's an any% route, and two secrets.

tested primarily only with Man and Girl. Worth and Kid are janky as fuck. sorry about that.


said Apr 9, 2017
in order to get an SS on this map, you need to *farm a super on the heavy prism at the end.
said Apr 9, 2017
i mean yeah, that's why it's there. i didn't want people that were missing 1 or 2 dust to be completely screwed. if you care about time, it's far more efficient to just spread the dust, i think. maybe kid could just run up there and farm the super.
said Apr 9, 2017
Also nice secret.
said Apr 9, 2017
"You might notice that heavy attacks get extra dust on the surrounding area. Take advantage of this to get more points!"
-Combat Tutorial

Only time that "points" actually matter smh
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 16, 2017
*Crombut Tatoriel*

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