Not Terribly Difficult

by jdude0822
created Mar 11, 2017
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map notes
Wanted to make another virtual map that was slightly higher quality (hopefully) than other ones I have made.  Thanks to whoever stopped by and helped out.

Special thanks to:
ibums for playtesting and camera work.
IsaVulpes for making me actually playtest some.
MrFirestorm for just being in some discord doing bljs.
EricDota2 for not being Sivade (even though he definately is)
Susslord for running breath of the wild
deka__ for trying out dustforce for like 4 minutes today


said Mar 12, 2017
Art is pretty sick
Gameplay also happy funtimes

Good job!
edited Mar 12, 2017
said Mar 12, 2017
Update: First non-stock map I really felt like grinding in.. forever.

This presses all my buttons somehow <3

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