by IDK_Guy
created Feb 6, 2017
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map notes
ReTechnic, a map meant to restart my old Technic series. Meant to be a fast map but not too difficult so everyone can complete it.


said Feb 6, 2017
Missing camera with a lot of semi-blind action going on makes the map a bit annoying to play, especially on the first playthrough/s.
Unspiked side of the platform to the left of the second big prism (after the dustblock run) ruins backheavies, which breaks flow a bit imo

Besides those issues, this is pretty fun to play! Very basic, but still feels unique; and flows really well after you learn where which obstacle is.
There aren't many Atlas maps which I play more than once, and I played this a good bunch of times. Overall, sweet map!

[ I got a time I was decently happy with for now, and inda is already 5 seconds faster. Classic inda :H ]
said Feb 9, 2017
Yeah, honestly I'm bad with the Camera tool and could never gauge a good camera. I try though, and will probably start using it.
And I agree with you, I'm not a very good player and know very little of the advanced tech in the game. Spike jumping, groudboosting and aerial dash jumps are what I know and actually don't put that much into practice. Didn't even know backheavies were a thing.

But thank you for the advice and compliments! I'll incorporate them in the future.

Also inda is crazy, my goodness

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