by Meark
created Nov 21, 2016
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map notes
One of my favorite stages from one of my favorite games.
Any % are large prisms like usual.
I think this will be the last one in terms of prism maps. If I make any more smash stages it'll be strictly multiplayer.

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retagged Nov 21, 2016


said Nov 21, 2016
the way you did the shadows is really cool, probably one of the best looking stages so far
said Nov 21, 2016
Thanks inda, It was pretty tough trying to figure out what I should put on what layer. Mostly when I make these maps I see if Its possible with the amount of layers and if I'm not happy with the outcome then I scratch the idea for the map.
said Nov 22, 2016
Meark is Giotto of DF mapmaking:    
he ventured forward and discovered the secret  of the 3rd dimension.

"A map is not bound to 2 dimensions, it needs DEPTH!" He shouted.   

He moved on, pursuing new grounds in mapmaking, someone says that he's trying to capture the time flow in his works.
Fools! The 4th dimension is a myth.

I salute you, Meark, Ulysses of Atlas.
edited Nov 22, 2016
said Nov 22, 2016
You certainly have a way with words haha Thank you very much for your beautiful comment though it honestly made my day :D seriously thank you so much!
said Nov 23, 2016
said Nov 22, 2016
I didn't even download it yet and gave it 5 stars just cause of the art lol.
said Nov 22, 2016
Hahah thanks I'm still waiting on Mother 4 to come out :o Also that second song cracked me up hahah that was not expected xD
said Nov 22, 2016
Stunning map as always. You are so crazily talented.

Only complaint would be the moving prisms that come into view later on. When going for top times it means you have to do a lot of off-screen stuff which is a bit annoying. Plus it limits the possibilities of number of routes available.
said Nov 22, 2016
Thank you and yeah I agree. I was debating how long I should set the prisms. I would have added more coming from the sides but the death zones on the sides were close that I couldn't get them in there. Regardless a lot of the other smash maps have the same thing so I guess I never perfected the timing and routings which is why if I make more smash maps I'm just going to make them multiplayer instead

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