Jorfing Twirlie Drops

by fishmcmuffins
created Nov 2, 2016
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the long awaiting sequel

now nerfed for you meatbags


said Nov 2, 2016
Top Tips for Twirlies:

Use 2 hands (one for left, one for right). Remember to hold up the whole time. Use Kid. Run a metronome at 180bpm (seriously). Imagine triplets for each beat. Play something like the first 2 triplets (tap away - hold towards). If you see her tiny leg flick up for a frame of the twirl animation you're probably holding away about the right amount of time, if a little too long. Tweak the speed of the away movement until you get semi-consistent. Pray.
edited Nov 2, 2016
said Nov 2, 2016
Or, you could just close dustforce and set your computer on fire.
said Nov 2, 2016
The RSI is preventing me from lighting the matches. Please send help.
said Aug 16, 2019
If anyone cares enough to know how I SS'd this in the end here's the local recording:
said Jan 3, 2020
For anyone who comes back to this for twirlie tips, All the other characters have a slower airspeed than kid. The advice is mostly the same, but the bpm for non-dustkid twirlies seems to be around 163 bpm.
said Nov 3, 2016
y u do dis
said Nov 3, 2016
I like the one death in the one replay.
said Nov 3, 2016
I like that if he were playing non DX he'd have an SS right now.
said Nov 3, 2016
I can't for the life of me do a twirly.  Only on accident when I play observatory

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