aaSour Space

by czulki
created Jun 17, 2012
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map notes
Setting: A sour space thingy

EDIT:Difficulty: Hard :PPPP

There is one secrer route that leads to a.... well SECRET.

Map made for the June 17 Custom Map Race hosted by Marksel.

Description stolen from zephyyy ;)
edited Jun 17, 2012


said Jun 18, 2012
Love this level dude, it's PERFECT for squeezing a tiny bit less and less off your time. Flows well and is quite hard when going full pace. LOVE IT
said Jun 20, 2012
This level's gonna burn in hell for what it did to me. Nevermind, that's amazing.
said Jul 5, 2012
Way too hard for me, but the replays looked like fun :D
said Jul 6, 2012
Yeah I did make it a bit too difficult. Right after the competition hosted by Marksel I intended on releasing a easier version but never got to it. I kinda want people to check out the secret, there is a cool lil gimmick mechanic at the end :P.

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