Expert Tutorial

by Clar
created Jun 3, 2016
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map notes
I wanted to make a map that taught some of the more advanced techniques that're required to complete the DX nexus, in addition to some generally more advanced techniques.

One of my first maps.
edited Jun 3, 2016


said Jun 3, 2016
I learned so much!
said Jun 3, 2016
Its a pretty nice and good-looking map, but I dont think it works very well as a tutorial.
said Jun 3, 2016
It didn't teach me where all the dust was :( .
said Jun 5, 2016
This might come off as rude, which isnt my intention, however generally speaking as a newer player everyone on atlas probably knows more about the game than you which means tutorials generally arent a good idea as a new map maker. Had some decent ideas and felt fairly smooth except for random side paths that lead into dead ends and have dust in them.
said Jun 5, 2016
That's not rude at all! Watching everyone play the level really helped me learn how new people will play my maps, and I totally agree that the map would have been better by itself instead of as a tutorial. I mostly made it myself because it was something I thought would be cool to try, even though I knew as I was making it that it wouldn't be anywhere close to perfect.

As far as the dead ends-- as I was testing the map, I definitely noticed myself that that was the worst element of the design, and that large loops like that aren't a very good element to have. Which, again, is a lesson learned for the future. I definitely would have spent more time adding in something else, but I figured that it'd be better to be done with this and start on something else instead.
said Jun 6, 2016
:) looking forward to more maps from you!

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