Final Run

by GHM
created May 23, 2012
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map notes
You've made it this far. You've run the test, escaped death, and made it back to the real world... or have you?

SS-able by all four characters
Short length
Medium difficulty
Continuation of Escape Run and Test Run

Test subject #304K is not visible by any scanners. Defense protocols state that it is to be assumed the test subject will soon escape test programming. Defensive measures are to be initiated within the facility for the test subject's imminent escape.
edited May 26, 2012


said May 23, 2012
love the opening, unfortunately I kinda suck at this game and can't get past the first area with crystals that help you navigate the spike walls.
said May 24, 2012
The deathbox is a tiny bit too high at the entrance to the area with all of the heavy strike blocks. Otherwise quite fun.

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