by Fimbz
created Jan 15, 2016
442 views | 748 downloads

/ 14 votes

/ 8 votes

map notes
My third map. Meant to be difficult, but rewarding, unforgiving and smooth.

Huge thanks to Indapop who helped a lot in developing this level.


said Jan 15, 2016
I like this

Also, it is pretty

Also, I miss your streams
said Jan 15, 2016
I love how medium covers everything from super easy to right at the edge I'm willing to play.  I will spend some time on this level when I have some time I'm sure, it seems like it's probably pretty good.
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 16, 2016
I'd have to agree, the community things that only true sadism is worthy of the "hard" tag and votes improper difficulty on pretty much everything.  On the other hand, I recently came in to some more free time and haven't had a 5 flame map in a while...
said Jan 16, 2016
I wonder if the ratings were actually in keys (no key, wood key, silver key, gold key, difficult, infini) if we could accurately rate difficulty accurately.
said Jan 16, 2016
Aight, this gets quite a bit easier after the start, to the point where my second attempt was an SA.  Still falls in the difficults I think, though one of the easier ones.
said Jan 15, 2016
somehow this map manages to make the normally virulently cancerous giga wall marginally palatable. and that is quite a feat in and of itself.
kill the dustbinary
said Jan 16, 2016
fun map, giga walls are my jam
said Jan 16, 2016
One day I will be able to SS levels of medium difficulty
said Jan 17, 2016
a very good map. and a fair amount of difficulty, the right amount. that's hard to grasp. keep up the good work fimbz. :)
said Jan 20, 2016
I loved it. The perfect difficulty that made SS a lot of fun to obtain. Nice work :)
said Jan 22, 2016
Really neat map.

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