John Cena Chump Edition

by TwinkieSWF
created Jan 15, 2016
754 views | 666 downloads

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map notes

John Cena: Chump Edition is Part 1 of the two-part sequel to the highly-acclaimed fan favorite, EXEC FUNC JOHN CENA. In this map, John Cena, President of the People's Republic of Earth, gets tired of you meddling with his plan and decides to mercilessly annihilate you once and for all. Can you overcome John Cena's final wrath, or are you just a no-good CHUMP?


DISCLAIMER #1: This map is the embodiment of evil. Not even TAS will be able to SS this level. There are several checkpoints that I have not been able to complete in one go. There are also places where you can take the wrong turn and be forced to restart. This level makes EXEC FUNC JOHN CENA look like Downhill. I'd honestly be surprised if anybody had the mental fortitude to complete this monster legitimately. I made this purely for the meme. If you did not enjoy John Cena Nightmare or EXEC FUNC JOHN CENA then for the love of God, don't even bother downloading this map.

DISCLAIMER #2: This map is 100% impossible with Dustkid and Dustworth. There are Dustkid and Dustworth barricades somewhere in the middle of the level.

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retagged Aug 3, 2016


said Jan 15, 2016
1'd in the name of national security!
said Jan 15, 2016
Well you asked for it...

You complain about how people don't like your difficult/meme maps and give it 1 heart, meanwhile you vote this map 1 heart because it's a difficult meme map (actually, just because it has the word John Cena on the title), and even meme about how you voted it 1 heart.

You are a hypocrite for being the very thing that you detest, and I find you despicable. I will never take you seriously ever again, especially when you're crying about getting 1-bombed. Get lost.
said Jan 15, 2016
When have I ever cried about getting 1-bombed? I complained about people not giving my map a fair shot, and I did give yours a fair shot.

I don't even get how my comment and/or rating is a meme. I'm sorry that putting a disclaimer and wrapping it in John Cena doesn't warrant a 5 rating on a site that is designed for dustforce maps.
said Jan 15, 2016
do me next!  I think your map is dogass.
said Jan 15, 2016
@lightningy Forgive me if I don't believe that you gave it a fair shot, Lightning, but you straight up went up to me on Steam and told me that you voted it 1-heart not because it was hard, but because it had the word John Cena in the title and you were sick of seeing John Cena maps. You're right though. Having the name John Cena in the title doesn't mean that it should instantly get a 5, but it also means that it doesn't deserve to automatically get a 1 either.

@msg no you dont
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 15, 2016
Why is nothing I do ever good enough?
said Jan 15, 2016
Why can't there be a meme map that is actually fun to play?
said Jan 15, 2016
said Jan 15, 2016
super drop mash macro was pretty fun
said Jan 15, 2016
slime boost and slime boost derivatives
said Jan 15, 2016
oh mannnn oh mannn its story time ahhh AHHH
said Jan 15, 2016
I was one of the few who listening to the warnings at the start and turned back. Amazing visuals for the first platform of the level! ( I really don't know about the rest...)
said Jan 15, 2016
You did the right thing.
said Jan 16, 2016
super cool visuals! It's like an evolution of the map "Line Rider"(

now I want a map like "Comic Strips" ( with your visuals...a map that seems a peanuts strip :O
said Jan 16, 2016
you mighta posted this on the wrong level giamma :P
Last Hope
said Jan 18, 2016
...aaaaand it's gone.  The last bit of hope I had.
said Jan 19, 2016
i will never understand this meme. i actually fail to comprehend its component parts. this whole thing is a chimera of unfathomable reasoning and bafflement.

why make a map that 99.9% (or more) of players will barely be able to begin? how did the whole "hard map is funni xD" meme start? why do people still give a shit about john cena? is there some secret cabal of sadomasochistic atlasgoers that actually look forward to these releases? as loath as i am to agree with lightning, i struggle to see how this sort of map is in any way different than the low effort "hehe first time map wheee!" crap that pollutes the front page.

rant over.

nothing against you twinkie, but i hate to see actual mapmaking talent squandered (again imo) on something like this.
said Jan 21, 2016
This map is the pinnacle of good map-making. It's even Shin-approved, no further opinions required.
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 25, 2016
I hate everything.  I pretty much gave up on caring about quality on Atlas outside of my own maps.  I only comment on maps by people I think actually care, like Meark, Giamma, and DustCreep.  Otherwise I might comment some hilarious memery or have a fun discussion with you guys, but I won't give opinions or advice about map making.

And for the record, I make easy maps because it often feels like nobody else does.  I prefer fun to sadism and just work on my own maps in a way that doesn't completely alienate new players.
edited Jan 25, 2016
said Jan 26, 2016
To each their own, Shin. I make maps that make me happy, and you should too.
said Jan 20, 2016
I still love you Twinkie <3

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