by IDK_Guy
created May 14, 2012
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map notes
3rd map, hopefully not AS suck-ish as my second one.


said May 14, 2012
SS'ed it but didnt really like it, there are phew parts that are simply awkward.
-After the first 4 light prisms, there is a ramp, if you hit that ramp too fast you will die to the spikes at the zigzag.
-After your first super combo, the ramp afterwards seems to be there for no reason other than distract you and kill you: It launches you straight into spikes, better to just go over the ramp + spikes entirely using the momentum before your super combo.
-At the very end, if you drop down after you killed the last light prism too fast, it is impossible to jump in time without getting hit by spikes (or at the very least nearly impossible)
It seems to discourage going for good times at all because of these weird situations you get in if you go too fast, and it also has ALOT of restricting deathzones. There would be alot of fun/fast routes if the deathzones werent in such strict places. Part of the game is finding the fastest route, but this map forces you to follow 1 strict route.

The biggest tips I would give are:
-Give the runner more freedom
-Take getting off of ramps at very high speeds in account
said May 16, 2012
I liked it! 4/5

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