Disturbinly Asymmetrical

by Loli felix
created Oct 20, 2015
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I Tried


said Oct 20, 2015
Would be more enjoyable with actual decor and cameras. The majority of your maps are arena-like. It's not that I don't like arena maps but I prefer playing a pretty one (you only see the same thing and you have to restart countless times)
Loli felix
said Oct 20, 2015
I'm fully aware that theres a lot of things that need more work on. And I started today to make maps, so I hope you have patience for me to get better at making maps! :)
said Oct 20, 2015
Art adds a lot to the enjoyment of a map,even if minimal.
Camerawork, if subpar, can completely ruin a map.

 mandatory link : http://atlas.dustforce.com/4483/camera-tutorial

Play it, then open it in the editor.
Shin Rekkoha
said Oct 20, 2015
I'd like to thank you, and add: just play more custom maps to get a feel for the kind of art and camera work that is considered "good".  A bad camera is just as detrimental to a map as "can't see shit" art, and we've seen plenty of both over the GREAT HISTORY OF ATLAS.

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