Bounding Flow V3

by DAmata
created Sep 13, 2015
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map notes
Here is Version 3 of my Graybox of this level. The next step of my process will be to add in the background and foreground elements to make the level come to life. The overall theme of this level is smooth continuous motion. As such, I have tried to design it so that the level can be chained together into one combo. This level prominently features ramps to propel the player through large gaps and paths of enemies to chain attacks through for traversal. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think of it in the comments below. All feedback is useful as I finalize its design.


said Sep 13, 2015
it's ok
said Sep 13, 2015
I left this comment on your other version of the map:

"If you want people to test your maps, I highly suggest joining the #dustforce IRC channel instead of uploading maps to atlas. People are generally willing to test your maps and give you feedback if you ask. Here is the link: "

It is generally frowned upon to upload the same map several times. If you want people to test your maps go onto IRC and use a site like dropbox to upload the map file to give it to people instead of uploading the same copy of the map several times.
said Sep 13, 2015
The map has changed significantly enough that I thought it warranted a new upload. I took a look at the IRC link you provided and can't make any sense of how to use it. The atlas server is already built into the game itself so it made most sense to use it instead. Thank you for your suggestion but it is not the direction I want to go with my iteration process.
said Sep 13, 2015
Map is getting worse.
said Sep 13, 2015
Please let me know how it has gotten worse. I need more guidance in order to improve it.
said Sep 13, 2015
In general I'd say it's better to upload a complete map, see what people think of it and try to make it better next time. Naturally, there's no end to this iteration process because some like the changes, others don't.
You have endless tries at making a good map :)
said Sep 14, 2015
Super Administrator
Somehow managed to drag the apple to the end. gr8 map.

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