Bounding Flow

by DAmata
created Sep 8, 2015
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map notes
Test Level for Level Design Class. Updated Version 2.0 based on feedback from the community. Thanks for the comments and reviews! It helps me refine and make the level better. Please continue to let me know what sections work or don't work and any suggestions you might have. Please keep in mind this is a work in progress so it won't have background art until the layout is nailed down.

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said Sep 8, 2015
If you want people to test your maps, I highly suggest joining the #dustforce IRC channel instead of uploading maps to atlas. People are generally willing to test your maps and give you feedback if you ask. Here is the link:

I reccomend you try making shorter maps at first with maybe a general idea or theme to them so you can learn how the editor works, its quirks, camera work, etc...

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