phospate world

by dreamy
created Aug 28, 2015
1000 views | 495 downloads

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said Aug 28, 2015
Cool map, good spacing overall but it suffers from some awkward placement of slopes and spikes/dust. For example, there are several slopes that either send you into spikes, or have dust on the wall next to them so its impossible to get a boost and collect the dust. There is also a series of slopes that send you into a deathzone (camera would fix this). Also a lack of checkpoints makes dying near the end unnecessarily punishing

Pretty good for a first map though!
said Aug 28, 2015
It's better to connect all enemies at the end to the red flag.
This way you prevent the player from finishing the level too early.
Just shift-click on all enemies in the final room.
I leave my replay as it is, so you can also see what I'm talking about.

By no means it's a bad first try :)

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