by Jope
created Aug 1, 2015
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map notes
Trying some of the editor tools I had not touched on my first level. This one is a bit harder than the last, also has a secret area.

Can you find out what caused damage to the building?

Reuploading since I forgot to remove some dust I left on the secret area. whoops


said Aug 2, 2015
Nice map, liked it better than your first one. Some criticism:

-This section is unnecessarily tight and kinda breaks the flow of the map imo:
-This is a super minor complain, you should make checkpoints spawn you on the ground (instead of in the air). Try placing the checkpoint flags like this: (the lower part of the flag is inside the floor tiles)
said Aug 2, 2015
Agreed with that last area being too precise. kinda falls into the 'non-fun-difficulty' area. Other than that, it looks nice and plays well
said Aug 2, 2015
Thanks for the feedback. That last section was initially a lot easier with no spikes at all, just a slope in the end of the fall and a quick "loop" next to it, leading to the final room with the enemies. I kind of changed it in the last moment thinking it wasn't satisfying having the difficulty curve drop that hard after the middle point of the level. But yeah, probably made that dash between the spikes way too unforgiven. No fun in slowing down.

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