Apple Harvest

by Giamma
created Jul 24, 2015
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map notes
This is an experimental map for 2 players.

- The aim is for the left player (Player 1) to put the apple in the right box;

- The aim is for the right player (Player 3) to put the apple in the left box;

- To play the map you have to bind controls for at least 3 players.

- Player 2 can't play because Dustwraith, Trashking, etc. can't hit the apple so the second player have to be Player 3. (Player 4 can't play for the same reason)

- The apple is linked to the end flag and the boxes have deathzones, so when you put the apple in a box the match ends.

- Since there is an end flag there are leaderboards (!). You can play the map in singleplayer and compete for the best time (maybe using Player 1 and Player 3 at the same time, with similar key bindings xD).
Sadly the replay feature doesn't work tho.

- I used the same fog trigger, and tried to do the same setting, of the unused Hitbox map "Apple Orchard".

I think it's all, hope you enjoy!
edited Jul 25, 2015


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