Death Lotus

by lightningy
created May 31, 2015
529 views | 717 downloads

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map notes
I fucked up big time.

This is actually a bait message:

I invented a new petablock. Listen to the rave reviews!
 <invert> <Squid_Rekkoha> sounds like cancer
 <fireball> i had thought about that


said May 31, 2015
looks like cancer
said May 31, 2015
(edited since this isn't relevant anymore)

this map sucks
but i kinda like it :)

EDIT AGAIN: really nice secret there. thatsaten.png
edited Jun 1, 2015
said May 31, 2015
infinite jump, but not quite.
said Jun 1, 2015
I didn't watch your reply (I'm on my phone), but I think you probably did this:
said Jun 1, 2015
it was a little different than that, but i've got it figured out now. Its pretty accurate, but not quite as hard as i thought to replicate. cool mechanic though!
said Jun 1, 2015
said Jun 1, 2015
Wow from a >3min SD "fuck you lightningy" to SS wasn't that much. I start to really like the maplerslides
said Jun 1, 2015
I didn't want to overuse it though. My main thing was the awesome new petablocks :D
said Jun 1, 2015
Someone who isn't afraid to jorf, and actually knows how to inf climb see if you can finish this with dustkid for me.  I can make it TO the inf climb, but I have no idea how to actually make such a climb.  I didn't notice anything that should stop a completion beyond that single required jorf.

--edit-- Don't think inf climb is kid-possible thanks to her lower jump.
edited Jun 1, 2015
said Jun 2, 2015
ew bad map
Shin Rekkoha
said Jun 3, 2015
Lightning you do have a pretty intense understanding of spacing and placement when it comes to making difficult, but fair, maps.  Too much 4 me to seriously try and complete, but definitely not as bad as the truly insufferable shite difficult maps pumped out en masse by trolls and noobs.
said Jun 4, 2015
Thank you for saying that, but I think your maps are better. Mine are made through trial and error until it comes out the way I wanted it to.

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