Even Mapler Syrup

by ZappBrannigan
created May 24, 2015
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map notes
Version 2, because V1 was (at least slightly) more ugly, the Zetta slope was a bit awkward in a way it wasn't supposed to, and I got rid of some of the unnecessary things, like an any% route that there was really no point to having. Basically nothing else was changed.

Keep in mind, the Zetta slope is really hard as Dustworth (edit: I don't even know how to do it really, I just saw someone managed on the one that was the same length on the other version), and everything else is at least 10% easier, except getting the dust on the corner just before it (but just light attack it before you land!)

Hope this helps people practice mapler slides; I've gotten pretty good at doing them in the process of testing the map.
edited May 24, 2015


said May 24, 2015
Overall is a much improved version and a good practice map.

1) Better fog trigger(I like it a lot!)

2) Merciful Zetta slope.

3) The ambiance noises at the start are really cool.

I wouldnt say it is akward for dustworth, every ceiling/wall section of this map but the zetta slope seems designed for him.

e.g. the first ceiling boost section at the start it is really easy with worth and troublesome with Dustman.

This video made by Bird is really helpful to understand difference between characters when you design a map: https://youtu.be/gJ-j-XMIVFs

About camerawork:

1)When you do a zetta slope, you should show the end of the 45 degree descending slope before the player jumps.

2) The camera at the end of the map  shows the  ceiling  too late, an interest node or a 1200 camera would have fix this.
said May 24, 2015
Yeah... cameras are hard to get right. I didn't even notice that the ceiling was showing up late, and the zetta slope was already a pain because I wanted the camera somewhat smaller above it than below... I specifically didn't change the slope itself (only the leadup) because of that.

I'll check out the video sometime soon probably, but I'm not sure I could positively change anything about the map's actual collision/structure other than maybe still touching up the zetta slope (if I was willing to deal with the camera)
said May 24, 2015
For those still having trouble with the Zetta slope, to get the most distance out of the mapler slide you need to press the direction while you still have a lot of momentum sliding up. A good way to practice this is the first slope of Zetta Difficult.
said May 25, 2015
Quality improvements on all fronts, but the best improvement of all is the title. :D
Luke's Cat
said May 25, 2015
I like these mapler slide maps quite a bit!
Other than the ending camera this dust is my only complaint: http://puu.sh/i0fHs/8738e2a873.png
I have to attack it :P poor me.

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