Doing Things The Hard Way

by TheDarksideofSnow
created May 14, 2015
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map notes
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any dust spread shenanigans! The spike placements in this map are directly copied from VVVVVV, which can lead to some interesting dust spread possibilities.
Please use heavy attacks responsibly.

People have been awaiting a remake of this classic V6 challenge for a long time. In a fit of boredom I actually managed to copy over the entire map and not give up after that...
Anyways, I tried to make this map as hard as possible without being unfair. How well that turned out is for you to decide.

For the full on V6 experience, you can download the texture mod I made for virtual levels here:
Instructions on how to install can be found here:

Special thanks to Shin for helping me with the camera and huge props to Dough for figuring out a way to make the end trigger for this map work. (kinda)
edited May 15, 2015


said May 14, 2015
Interesting concept, I would have enjoyed it if I didn't have to worry about spreading dust everywhere. You could have at least covered those tiny areas which don't contribute to the level other than to make it frustrating.

Edit: make no mistake, i have no idea wtf is going on in this any%
edited May 14, 2015
said May 14, 2015
Yeah I wouldn't have minded if everything was covered in spikes.
said May 15, 2015
The any% is wuuuuhh. i'm still unsure what is going on w/ it.
said May 15, 2015
Me not testing with dustman fall speeds apparently
said May 15, 2015
I spread a lot of dust and quit a lot.
Shin Rekkoha
said May 15, 2015
I know you just wanted to do the remake.  I just want to say what I always say: Straight remakes of other game level layouts always suck.  Modifying the level to make it fun and non-problematic in Dustforce, while keeping the aesthetic and overall route/shape of the source material the same, will yield a better map 99 times out of 100.

Good job on this map though, but it's not fun for me.
said May 15, 2015
No checkpoints? :/
said May 15, 2015
Git gud. The original version had no checkpoints either.
said May 16, 2015
The original version didn't have dustforce inputs and physics. Also I'm with Shin on the straight remakes thing.
said May 15, 2015
I liked the secret it is very well done, I was hoping for an elephand tho ;)

About the any%: you can spread dust when you hit the prism linked to the end flag,
if you hit it slightly above the ground.

I've never seen it before.
said May 15, 2015
said May 17, 2015
I have no idea what is going on in this map. The first time I beat it I punched an apple off the map. Now I'm in top 10 cuz I down heavied at the start? wut?
said May 17, 2015
I just randomly got it first try today. wat.

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