by arkhadian
created Mar 28, 2015
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map notes
here's another map in space...


said Mar 28, 2015
It's an interesting map, but the path isn't quite clear on where you're supposed to go a lot of the time.
said Mar 28, 2015
said Mar 28, 2015
Nice! I like the visuals, map is not easy I will proceed with coffee first. Also, the end didn't end up in the score screen but just kept on falling.
said Mar 28, 2015
work fine with me.
said Mar 28, 2015
I'm ded?
Luke's Cat
said Mar 28, 2015
I am continually falling. Other than that ❤❤❤❤❤ from me.
edited Mar 28, 2015
said Mar 28, 2015
A suggestion:
you should box your entire map with overlapping death-zones next-time, not just put  deathzones below the intended path:

In your map if you go to the left at the beginning or after hitting the last prism at the end, you will fall   endlessly.

Overall the map is a hard, challenging and fun, I enjoy the gameplay.

Bonus: the ending of Luke's cat replay is a good wallpaper:
Luke's Cat
said Mar 28, 2015
Dustgirl makes me frisky :P
Probably not Towelie
said Mar 28, 2015
Man that is so rewarding to SS quickly, but as leap says there are only deathzones under the path, which wouldn't be a problem if that was the only place to go but since everyone loves to explore, it's best to just make a frame around your map.

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