Radiant Rise

by MyFaceYourFace
created Mar 26, 2015
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map notes
Another map.

I felt like doing one where you move upwards.


said Mar 26, 2015
Looks like it would be quite a cool map but you can't see any of the dust because everything is completely yellow :c

Prisms are hard to see there too
said Mar 26, 2015
Blasted! I must do better.
Thanks for the input, i had a feeling it would be a probably a problem : /
said Mar 26, 2015
My eyes are burning.

It makes me reminisce of times long past: http://atlas.dustforce.com/1489/love-actually

Ah the good old days...
said Mar 26, 2015
Usually when people say they can't see shit. I think they have badly tuned monitors or are colourblind or something.

I couldn't see shit. I couldn't even see the enemies the first few times. Its a fun map. But totally impossible to see!
said Mar 27, 2015
do you have a badly tuned monitor or are you colorblind or
said Mar 26, 2015
I could see but it was hard. Pretty fun map though. Im not gonna try to ss because it hurts
said Mar 26, 2015
can you change the title of this stage to "pineapple and mango smoothie"? it would make me really happy
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 26, 2015
There is some sort of irony about the eye-destroying art in this map directly following my last map, but I can't seem to put it into words.  It's almost like that tiny sun at the center of my map went nova and engulfed Atlas.

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