Intergalactic Symmetry

by Bbop800
created Feb 19, 2015
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map notes
(This is a reupload. Had to fix an exploit that I totally should not have overlooked.)


Note: Map isn't actually symmetrical.

Welp, it's been one million years (3.5 months) since I've submitted a map and this stupid thing was sitting in my custom maps half-way done forever... so I finished it.

This map is kinda different from the rest of my maps -- it's sorta puzzle-ish in that you have to figure out how to get everything cleaned up without screwing yourself over.


(Thanks to ratingus for testing the map!)
edited Feb 21, 2015


said Feb 19, 2015
Just as I reuploaded this, Towelie pointed out that the deathzone on the right side is too short and you'll fall forever if you go too far. I'm not gonna bother reuploading again so... avoid it I guess. Sorry, folks. :(
edited Feb 20, 2015
Shin Rekkoha
said Feb 19, 2015
Around the boundaries of your map you just drag overlapping boxes (death zones), and there's no reason NOT to make the left and right wall ones absurdly high.
said Feb 19, 2015
Now that you mention it, the one thing I always end up overthinking in my maps is the deathzone placement.

I'll keep this in mind, thanks. :>
Shin Rekkoha
said Feb 19, 2015
Look how we did deathzones on  No room for escape from Da Deathz
Probably not Towelie
said Feb 19, 2015
Oh it was tropicallo who pointed it out?
said Feb 20, 2015
awww it was you, wasn't it? my b
said Feb 20, 2015
Wait what? Why did this get re-uploaded?
said Feb 20, 2015
"cuz you dun cheated my map boohoo"

link to old leaderboards (i thought your strat was pretty cool):
said Feb 20, 2015
not to be nitpicky or anything, but the killzones are way too close to the dust blocks (at the top and the bottom)

gotta move them, yo!

(also why have killzones at the top? they always feel so bad)

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