garagoyle temple

by Autority
created Feb 3, 2015
408 views | 627 downloads

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map notes


said Feb 3, 2015
No, bad, just bad. Super awkward, terrible checkpoint triggers, horribly placed literally everything. Dustblocks...why? They were used even worse than in bird's maps. Did I mention the camera? It goes haywire sometimes for no reason.
said Feb 3, 2015
I liked the beginning part taken from Moon Temple, as well as the artistic design of the level as a whole (Actually really impressive). but the enemy/dust placement in the rest of the map makes it incredibly awkward to play. Can you try scaling down the scope of your maps? All of them kinda suffer from the same problems - Too long, and shoved full of spikes/enemies, just for the sake of making it annoying. Please just try and be able to SS your own levels before uploading.
edited Feb 3, 2015
Probably not Towelie
said Feb 3, 2015
Really good looking level, kinda awkward to progress through but not anything impossible so I'll just chalk it up to my sub-par dusting abilities.
said Feb 4, 2015
Really tricky but fun. The only problem for me is that the last two slopes are too hard and it's too easy make a mistake... so you're kinda forced to go slow because you can easily ruin your run.
Nice visuals!
said Feb 4, 2015
It was really awkward. The dustblock section at the end is just tedious to navigate. Looks nice though and is a bit of challenge for sure.

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