Scientific Method

by J
created Jan 11, 2015
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map notes
My first level.  It's been a fun experience.

Mechanics-wise, I just put a load of stuff I like together.  It's mostly about hitting stuff.   

I would say difficulty is like Scaffolding.

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Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 11, 2015
But... it's not your first level?  *scratches head*
said Jan 11, 2015
It was going to be in Towelie's lab nexus, so it's just been sitting there for a while.
said Jan 11, 2015
Aesthetically, it looks great. Gameplay-wise, it leaves a bit to be desired. The camera doesn't cooperate all of the time, so the intended route can be hard to determine.
said Jan 11, 2015
Any particular place?
said Jan 11, 2015
Don't know why, but I really like the small forest part at the beginning.
Looks magical somehow.
said Jan 29, 2015
Agree. The beginning is :O
I liked also the rest map btw and I really liked the gameplay, it's kinda fresh.
Keep it up!
kill the dustbinary
said Jan 11, 2015
I really like the way you design your levels! They're both quite unlike anything that other mappers have come up with, and have an interesting feel to them.

There are a few camera issues in the first lab area, but that's about it for negatives.
said Jan 11, 2015
said Jan 11, 2015
This is as unconventional as a Varredor map. But I just don't like it. I'm not sure why.
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 11, 2015
By far one of the most confusing maps I've played.  I understand the route now (pretty cool), but here is some advice to make maps that loop back around on themselves less confusing: use dustblocks.  Make the player run across a dustblock bridge over the middle path, and make the camera direct the intended route better.  People won't be as likely to go down the path that was "blocked" initially and it feels more natural.
edited Jan 11, 2015
said Jan 11, 2015
Hmm, good idea.  I think that rather than choosing the wrong route at the intersection initially, though, I've seen people have more issues with not knowing where to go from the top right and ending up going backwards.  Camera should probably be better around the top right -> left -> down section.
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 11, 2015
Yeah I got a little lost more than once.

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