by Magnetbrainn
created Jan 3, 2015
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map notes
edit: easiest, yet worst rated of my difficults ;-;

can you feel the hype? You know it baby, Terror Difficult is back and easier than ever!

My main goal for this TD was making a map that is hard to finish with a fast time SS, yet not so hard to finish straight up (if that makes sense). Shoutouts to the crew (Seight, Superkid, Takari, Eldip) - without you folks, my maps wouldn't exist, and I probably wouldn't have gotten back into DF.

The fastest SS posted as of 14 January 2014 will receive a $20 USD Steam Wallet code (or whatever gift card thing you want, preferably steam tho). Think of it as an incentive to actually get you guys to finish the map :D (Any% might get something special as well...)

edited Jan 3, 2015


said Jan 3, 2015
said Jan 3, 2015
oh god
said Jan 3, 2015
you can do betterrrrr
said Jan 3, 2015
This map is like giving a kid a present that he's been asking for all year for Christmas, then breaking it. There are the coolest neatest most fun parts ever, then there are cancer parts that make me press escape, up, enter, and go back to playing other levels. As a whole though not a hard level and really fun bits, but also really annoying dumb bits (breaking the dustblocks in the middle with no super... why...)
edited Jan 3, 2015
said Jan 4, 2015
It's not a map for me but I'm glad to see a new map from you after a long time :)
said Jan 7, 2015
This map is a good map with quite a few annoying parts that completely ruins the map. However, this holds true for your other difficult levels too, so you're consistent in that aspect.

What makes this map worse than the others is that this map is set up and looks like a map that is supposed to flow, a difficult map with flow, but then comes the parts that just are there, such as the part with the big prism and the dustblocks. It completely ruins the flow and just clashes with what you were going for with the map, which makes this map not very enjoyable to me.

I would love to play Dustworth on this map, however, the Hideout-esque part at the 2nd checkpoint makes this near impossible, which is a shame.

Also, where's my prize for Rediculous? Kappa

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