Back Alley Brawl

by Blueeyedrat
created Nov 19, 2014
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map notes
"I'm not so sure about this shortcut of yours. Are you--"  
"Oh, relax. I've been through here plenty of times. There's nothing to worry about."  
"Alright; if you say so..."

A relatively short level. Experimenting some more with camera and lighting.


said Nov 19, 2014
its really unclear to go down at the start
said Nov 19, 2014
Map is pretty, but it's clunky to play.
kill the dustbinary
said Nov 19, 2014
Cool map. I can kinda see where Bird's coming from but I thought the camera guided me downwards just fine. Trying to boost off of the slip right at the start causes you to miss part of the dustblock a lot of the time, not a big deal but something to keep in mind.
said Nov 19, 2014
The ending is tough without super, but actually very well laid out. Similar comments about the routing, but I thought it was fun.
said Nov 20, 2014
I'm not really sure about the dust on the ceiling here: It doesn't seem to flow very well.
I also completely missed this dust up near the grate: I guess the lip makes you fly up but its in a weird spot. Making the initial flow odd.

Ok once you get used to it. Any% route could be interesting with going over the top but you covered it in spikes for some reason.
said Nov 20, 2014
its difficult to understand the route in the dark portion and it's even more difficult to see where the dust is (this probably compounds the former problem)
said Nov 21, 2014
Nice map!
said Nov 21, 2014
Very unfun to play. Completely unfleshed.

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