The Escape

by SW
created Sep 28, 2014
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map notes
Hey there. This is my new map called The Escape. It's a very technical map, rather than theme-based. The difficulty is similar to Concrete Temple, though in my opinion somewhat easier. Still, there are shortcuts that allow you to bypass most obstacles, so you can get to the end even if you don't manage to collect all the dust. Some shortcuts are obvious, but others are tricky and hard to find, so you might want to look for those if you want to get the best time.

The map is easier if you play as Dustkid.
retagged Sep 28, 2014


said Sep 28, 2014
Easier than concrete temple my arse.
said Sep 28, 2014
map flow is rather unclear and visually cluttered/distracting

also bothersome spike placement
edited Sep 28, 2014
said Sep 28, 2014
This is probably the most convoluted map I've ever played.
said Sep 28, 2014
Really cool looking map, and very tough, with some cool original ideas. I don't think they all work (the slimeblocks you have to climb upwards with the gaps between them are a neat idea but end up just being very slow and awkward), but it's an interesting run.
said Sep 28, 2014
Repeating the thoughts that it's very difficult to tell the route or what's going on or what to do. Like, this is probably one of the most difficult maps to understand a plausible route for that I have ever seen. I appreciate all of the work that went into the appearance but I just can't tell what's going on.
said Sep 28, 2014
Once you work out the route it's actually pretty good. I don't like the any% route spikes at the beginning, they feel unnecessary. That blob climb was really unique. Also the fall at the end is infuriating.
said Sep 29, 2014
Yeah, I watched a replay to figure it out and it wasn't too bad. It's immensely frustrating though to get into a level and go, "What the fuck am I supposed to be doing here?"
said Sep 28, 2014
There's some really interesting ideas on this map
said Sep 29, 2014
I liked it. Had no trouble for routing or playing, got my SS in my 3rd try.

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