A map plus a Metroid

by ladybunne
created Sep 18, 2014
375 views | 636 downloads

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map notes
Simple little virtual map, trying some new level features here.

For itay


Sir Useless
said Sep 18, 2014
It is a pretty good map, for me its a 3/5 but I only wanted to ask you why it is possible to clip out of the map at random where there are no deathzones at the zip? It was a tiny bit annoying but it didn't make a huge deal.
said Sep 18, 2014
It's possible because if you're moving fast enough you can move outside of the zip before reaching the top. I've discovered this in my own maps.
said Sep 18, 2014
what if metroid was a girl?
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 18, 2014
8/8 gr8 comment.
said Sep 18, 2014
It's adorable.
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 19, 2014
Honestly, I thought you were gonna have a huge cool pixel art metroid in the background with prisms in the foreground as Nuclei.  I was dissapointed when I got to the end and it was crappy dustblocks.  Your name got me hyped, and then crushed it.

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