Trash Room

by Giamma
created Sep 17, 2014
449 views | 797 downloads

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map notes
Another arena map.

Thanks to Nerphs and Tropicallo for testing <3

Edit: I forgot to link the tire to the end flag, ooops
edited Sep 19, 2014


said Sep 17, 2014
Great map. Love it. I love the initial flow setup and I like that the enemy layout leaves a lot of options for how to clear it.
said Sep 17, 2014
I like the increased flow of it compared to most arenas. Also the forcing of dust at the beginning is nice. Good map!
said Sep 17, 2014
I expected a secret at the top :<
said Sep 17, 2014
Thanks for comments!

@Lightning: there is a secret! The camera doesn't work well and I wasn't able to fix it... nothing to special anyway.
But glad to see that you always search the secrets :D
said Sep 17, 2014
Fun Fun Fun!! Awesome map Giamma. :D Makes me want to make an arena map.
said Sep 17, 2014
I came here to look for comments about a secret at the top. 5/5 map good job
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 17, 2014
I love the beginning.  Like, that's my favorite part.  I feel like my next arena map has to start with speed like that, so fun.
said Sep 17, 2014
What Alleyway should have been. <3

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