Scarlet Mansion

by DoubleATam
created Sep 17, 2014
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map notes
I had a couple thematic ideas and made a fun little stage to match. Something bigger and grander would be cool too, but I prefer short levels (both making and playing, heh). Title is totally not a Touhou reference.
Big thanks to Azure for helping me with my levels!


said Sep 17, 2014
Cool aesthetics, lots of little problems though:

Starting camera is bad. Don't start me off in a blind drop onto a slope I cannot see that I'm supposed to immediately dash off of. Then the slope doesn't launch because it levels out at the top and there's really not a good way to hit all of those dustblocks. With regards to the last two groups, it's really easy to use your super on the first group and then not have enough for the second without smashing something first. I'm not sure if it's intended but it came at me unexpectedly.

Overall I like the aesthetics though and I think with some basic camera tweaking and route adjustments it's a decent short map.
said Sep 17, 2014
I was worried about the starting camera as well honestly, but at least it's right at the start so the player doesn't lose too much time from the initial confusion. I admit my camera handling is rather mediocre, heh.

Since I'm very amateurish at Dustforce I only intended for the player to jump after the first ramp. (Without my friend's help there wouldn't be any place to keep a boost from the second ramp at all!) As for the window, you can either hit it twice or use a downwards heavy attack.

As for the super thing, I initially intended for the second group to be finished with a super instantly, but I thought it'd be fine if the player had to hit a couple things first. Nevertheless, there's ways to get a second super by then.
said Sep 17, 2014
Yeah, I replayed it a couple more times just to make sure I wasn't crazy. The way you have the dust set up on the left wall and how it curves up made me think I was supposed to jump, heavy the gargoyle, and wall climb before super. But I can skip doing that and just move forward and it works for me to have enough for the second super. So there's confusion there.
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 17, 2014
I like the name, because it explains clearly what I'm getting into when I play it.
said Sep 17, 2014
Brudish pretty much covered any issues I had, the map is cool overall and slight adjustments would make it a great one :)
said Sep 18, 2014
Scarlet JoMansion

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