The Cliff

by Probably not Towelie
created Sep 9, 2014
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map notes
Wanted to make something different than the normal angled walls and different than most things seen on the atlas so I made a downwards falling map. Short level, probably around 8-9 seconds at the best times but that's just because it's such an odd level that any longer and it would be extremely annoying and redundant. So I give you The Cliff, enjoy!

Krankdud helped make the cameras, I just made them a bit bigger in places. (I hope they show all that they need too and don't lag the map at all.)

Oh dear, that secret is embarrassing....
edited Mar 19, 2018


said Sep 9, 2014
Nice little map. Hope I can keep the WR for a little while, though knowing the community, probably not :c
said Sep 10, 2014
said Sep 10, 2014
I like the unpredictable flow, at least for the length.  Level was good at directing me where I was going.  Missed the boost at the end the first time, but it's recoverable with every char, which is pretty cool.
said Sep 10, 2014
super refreshing. Felt not like a towelie map :3
said Sep 10, 2014
I've had too much fun driving down the any% lol
said Sep 10, 2014
Great concept and lovely visuals. Would love to see more! :)
said Sep 10, 2014
Great map, love that you took the odd style into account when deciding length. I very much agree that too much longer would have been annoying, but as it is it's a great map, 5/5 :D
said Sep 10, 2014
pls make mor short maps for shit heds like me thx
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 10, 2014
I think it's fine.  Seems like the kind of thing most players can enjoy, and still has some difficult-ish fast strats, just not very many of them.  Also, I don't have to deal with trying to jump and wall run up inclined shit-walls, so I love it!
said Sep 10, 2014
Wow, I've never seem a map quite like it, and I really liked it!
So much though, that I wish it was longer.
said Sep 13, 2014
That was pretty sweet. Really makes me want to see a "full-sized" map just like this! :D

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