Sewer Access

by Riokaii
created Sep 4, 2014
490 views | 1221 downloads

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map notes
Not really much of a sewer but whatever, This level has like 20 bajillion ways to do everything, and I somehow fit so many different routes and ways of doing things in a really small amount of space.

This level was inspired by the "octagonal" look, particularly the wall to ceiling corners. I really liked them and so I wanted to make a map that incorporated them. I also experimented with using Dustblocks a bit more then I usually do (which is never). It was also an experiment making a level out of my comfort-zone, both in aesthetics, and in dust choice. I HATE the city trash dust, It only looks good to me on green tiles, So I went with those. And this map is not a rocky temple look!

Huge thanks to African and Tropicallo for playtesting (pretty extensively too!  <3)

Huge thanks to Towelie for helping with the map decorations.


said Sep 4, 2014
Why are there power lines in a sewer?
Probably not Towelie
said Sep 4, 2014
Why is there a sewer around these power lines?
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 5, 2014
I kept reading it as server access and wondering why it wasn't a lab map.  It's slightly less confusing than a 6 headed harlequin fetus dragon laser show.  I rate it  14%$wots / batman
edited Sep 5, 2014
said Sep 5, 2014
Why so many downloads :o
said Sep 5, 2014
next bird level: forgotten domeverns: summit of Peak Valley Difficult
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 5, 2014
Way to hype me up.

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